Farmers working in yards crafting natural essential oils with organic meothods

Organic Production

Organic agriculture is a production system which combines scientific knowledge of ecology and modern technology with traditional farming practices based on naturally occurring biological processes. Our core strength in reaching the present levels had been our direct association with the farmers. A thought of giving something back to nature, and enabling the farmer more sustainable. We have integrated backwards to connect directly with the farmer in a professional manner. Our team is always in the field maintaining farmer data, training them, and progressing towards certifying our group as Organic.

We at B D Aromatics Pvt. Ltd. decided to go into backward integration wherein we joined hands with farmers and formed group of farmers engaging approx 500 farmers with more than 300 hectares of land to develop a sustainable system by our team continuously supervising, training and helping the farmers. We have got our group certified as Organic which has further supported our farmers to get a better price for their product.

Our facility is also Certified Organic to process and offers organic products to NPOP / NOP / EU standards. We are one of the very few producers who can offer material from Farm to End product – complete traceable chain which is definitely unique and special about us.